Saturday, December 22, 2012

Learning Adventures In Love and Revolution (the album)

Hello My friends,

As I write this I smile because we have just lived through the infamous December 21st, 2012. The changing of the Mayan calendar, interpreted by some to mean the end of the world. Now it is just 13 minutes past December 21st but the world has not yet ended. People on the otherside of the world realized this hours ago. But then again, I didn't really think the world was going to end and neither do you. On a side note, did anyone actually think the world was going to end. Like, the world, In physical reality. This seemed to be a perception found only in the media. The only apocalypse that might be happening, is experienced by the monocultural monopoly of mythology. From the warnings of global warming changing our behaviors and attitude towards the environment to technology transforming the way we interact to each other, to travel mixing and meshing culture and mythology, this seems to be how the world is changing to me. Most of you would probably agree. A friend of a friend said it best, when he said, "It will be business as usual, just on a more spiritual plane." To which I would add, and 'that does not mean there won't be turbulance'. Beyond that, I think this is an opportunity for change. Even if this change cannot be scientifically measured the belief in change can create a potential for success. And to return to the Maya, from what I've read the Mayan interpreted this date to signify the changing of an era based on astrological observations. So it was an end of one era which necessitated the beginning of another.

I wonder if their interpretation was made under a full moon. Because December 21st, 2012 was a weird date for me. Holding Vegan Liver props for a Staged Play. Performing new musical material at a Solstice Party as a man in a wheel chair runs over my feet and i trip on cords, to yule ceremonies burning fire and singing songs on the corner downtown across the the street from friends protesting with tents at the local free speech plaza. I came home tired and smiling.

Thus, as I write this newly born into the post December 21st reality, I am going to use this 'changing of the era's' meme as an opportunity to live on a more spiritual plane. To be more patient, aware in the moment, to ever better love my family and support them in the ways they need support. To be more disciplined and to be more humble. To gently stamp my carbon foot print as I  dance to the rhythms of nature. To stay true to these words. To realize my dreams.

As one manifestation of the realization of my dreams, I am excited to announce that I will be releasing my first album, "Learning Adventures in Love and Revolution" on March 1st. This album is a tapestry of stories and symbols that weave a coming of age journey. Specifically it's my journey through love and revolution. Each song represents a archetype and learning lesson in a journey towards, and now i feel pretentious typing this but, enlightenment. The ultimate and for me, the seemingly neverending quest. Travelled by a alien white trash turned hippie hop family man activist MC. A true Master of Ceremony who Moves a Crowd with a Message to Communicate. Sonically it is a fusion of golden era hip hop with funk, spoken word and tribal music.

It has also been a journey to make the album, which seeds were sprouted in the spring of my post college life. I graduated a month after the great recession hit and reacted by taking my 2,000 dollars in savings and spending it on a train trip around the country, performing poetry mostly for free, and visiting friends. After meditation sessions, odd nights out with street kids, psychedelic explorations, visiting family putting the fun in dysfunctional, unknowingly arriving in New Orleans just in time for Mardi Gras, and many hours on trains, while reading Kahlil Gilbran and Joseph Campbel I started to conceptualize an album. But first I had to live the album, and learn enough about music and recording to make the album.

So it is an album inspired by break up's and make up's with my partner, unemployment and losing repeatedly at the Seattle Poetry Slam, recording verses endlessly as my friend, the producer Sickamore Sounds, had me practice my craft of rapping. It is inspired by working as a gardner for a shaman cutting flowers and rapping as beez buzz boxed. It is inspired by becoming a father. It is inspired by learning about commitment with my partner and by disciplining myself to be as conscious and positive and productive as I can be. It is inspired by finding community. It is inspired by Occupy and a year and a half of passionate activism. It is inspired by KRS-One, Joseph Campbell, A Tribe Called Quest, Rage Against the Machine, Michael Meade, K'naan, Atmosphere and Aceyalone, Brother Ali, and Jay Z, Noam Chomsky, Gandhi, Cornell West, Bob Dylan, Saul Williams, Andrea Gibson, Hafez, James Brown, that random person on the corner, my friends, my family, the news, and the great life spirit- you can call it whatever you want.

So why is the album not going to be released til March 1st? Well, There is still work to be done. I have 90% of the vocals recorded and most of the songs are in the final stages of mixing and mastering. The album artwork is done but the organization of materials is not complete. I still have to pay for the album to be manufactured. Also, I want to put polished premium intention in to the album release event. I spent a few years, learning about and practicing music, and a year recording this album, Now I need to learn how to perform it. Also, I have a good amount of performance experience, but new material, especially material I cherish, needs to be developed on stage before it can get the proper performance it deserves. Also, I need to find the tribe of people who like my music. I am pretty well known as a performer in local activist circles but I believe that this material should be heard by many different kinds of people. So I will spend the next two months performing at various venues, developing the material on stage, and blogging and vlogging (video's), sharing each step as I finish the journey of releasing my album.

Thank you for reading this.
Peace, Love, Joy, Wisdom...

PS. Learning Adventures In Love and Revolution, coming soon..:)

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