Wednesday, December 11, 2013


Well Hello there Friends, Fans, Family, and Strangers

The Album is Finally F'@CK*N Out! You can download it here, on a pay as you please basis.  (If you scroll halfway down the page you will find the link) I'm really happy to give the album away for free. But if you want to pay me, I will gladly take some money as I would like to do this as a career.

So if you don't know, here's a little back-story: Years ago while riding a train across the country and reading "The Hero with a Thousand Faces" by Joseph Campbell I decided I wanted to make a hip hop concept album about the hero's journey.

But first I had a problem, I didn't know how to make music. So once home, I started to discipline myself, to wake up early and learn how to make music (Shout out to Sickamore who really helped me develop my flow).

So I started to make music and started telling my friends I would make an album. Then Occupy happened, and I took a year and a half to focus pretty much solely on activism. As Occupy Eugene slowed, I began to work on the album again.

Than my partner got pregnant and we began to buy a house. So once again the album was put on hold. After my son was born, I began to work on the album again. Finally finishing.

But then came mastering, what was supposed to be a month and a half process became a draining 7 month process.

But through all of these life events, I gained valuable insights, new friends, new flows, and I think the music reflects this. As I had to live my hero's journey in order to tell the stories and songs that would be my hero's journey.

This is my 'learning how to make music' album in a way. As you can hear me learning about music as I was creating it. It is a flawed album, but I'm deeply proud of it nonetheless. And I'm already working on a new batch of songs that I believe will reflect all the practice and skill refining that has happened since this album was finished 7 months ago.

I hope you listen, let me know what you think. I'll tell ya honestly, I'm a little nervous for the reviews and worried a little about people's responses. BUT, I do believe in the beauty of my dreams. I do believe in in staring at the face of my fear, and to take that mask off and reveal love.

Thank you for reading this blog. Please share with your friends.

Here is another place you can purchase my album:

Peace, Love, Joy, Wisdom....

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