Monday, September 22, 2014

Mother Earth Is Speaking (People's Climate March Performance)

I find truth in that ancient metaphor of the earth as a mother.
And in that way, through climate change
I believe that mother earth is speaking, she's says she's got a fever.
I used to doubt her, but now I believe her.
It can be the middle of winter, and I can be wearing a t-shirt,
like it's summer warm. The next day might be a snow storm.
So mother earth is speaking, she's says she's got a fever
And look how we've treated her.
We put fog in her eyes, paved and farmed her skin dry.
No wonder she earth quakes to shake the fracking pipelines of her back
That are acting like the needle of a misquito,
But yo, I too have drained the gas can
too many days I've been sittin' in a traffic jam,
surrounded by cars runnin, wondering,
how we ever gonna get our way out of this,
with trash on my floor, some of it non-recyclable
as our exhaust smoke lifts, chokes the air
where the tree's that breath carbon, get clearcut for profit.
as if our earth mother is a lifeless object,
as if we aren't part of a larger process, that belongs to the earth.
And in that way, as cells in her body,
unlimited economic growth,
is a cancer cell philosophy.
That is not the world I want to see. This is not the change that I want to be.
So mother earth is speaking. she's says she's got a fever.
Somebody get her a tissue, this is an issue. This is a challenge.
This is our opportunity. To be like the hero in the movie
that saves the day when you think it's the end.
Because the mother earth is speaking, she says she gots a fever, 
and even though the crises gets deeper, we cannot, give in, to cynicism.
The quickest way to make a difference is own simple livin,
then get in with where ya fit in and change the system.
We have to know, the status quo, it has to go. so.
when the people lead, then the leaders follow.
Today we organize, we act tomorrow.
The solutions exist, with the systems we shift, still we cannot buy our way out of this.
Be aware of politicians with corporate wallets.
that promote policies that would allow temperature to rise,
4, 5, even 6 degrees. It's already risen almost one, it's still rising,
stopping at 2 or 3 is the best we got.
If we want to survive. 
Because mother earth is speaking. She's says she got a fever.
It is time to relieve her. It is time to listen.
Our earth has given herself to us
like a mothers body to her baby
and through our growing years, for the milk
we've left her bite marked and scarred.
she will never be the same again.
But a mothers love is eternal and abundant.
Abundant enough for our need... just not for our greed.
It is time to help our earth mother recover.

(Group Sing/Chant) 
The Earth is our Mother, we must take care of her.
Unite, my people, into one, into one.

So this is the song/poem I wrote for the Eugene People's Climate March, 9-21-14. I hope you like it and even more that it inspires you to take some form of action, or to push yourself to the next step in your mission to find harmony with and heal the earth.

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